From Lambs to Pit Bulls

The way Connecticut election laws are set up can lead to some uncomfortable moments on the campaign trail for candidates running for Lieutenant Governor.    Most have running mates, and while their partners can spar, criticize and sling mud, the second bananas have to stick to the issues.   That’s because after primary day he or she  could suddenly become the running mate of their partner’s  opponent.    

The candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor run as a team but appear on the ballot separately.   In 2006, John DeStefano’s running mate lost and he ended up running with Mary Glassman, who is also running for LG this year.  

On Face the State this Sunday we continue our look at the LG candidates by talking with Nancy Wyman and Mark Boughton.  They both refrained from criticizing the men their running mates are attacking.    

Come August 11th, the victorious candidates for LG will turn from lambs to pit bulls, while their running mates assume a more guberatorial profile and leave the dirty work to the # 2.

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  1. Dennis House

    Brilliant name positioning in the picture on this post.

    Cast House

    Best way I’ve seen for a newsman to get his name out there for possible movie roles in the future. My wife’s cousin is Ellie Kanner, who, when she was a casting director, picked several of the actors and actresses who became famous on ” Friends. ”

    I’ll let her know you’re available.

    Speaking of getting one’s name out there…

    I’m a former Hartford ad agency creative director whose memoir ” You Had To Be There – From Web Town To Psych Ward ” was published last month. ( Available on Amazon )

    The v.p. of Lionsgate Films is now reading it and I’m hoping his people call my people soon. If it’s made into a movie, I’m sure we’ll find a meaty role for you to play.


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