Convicted Perez Could Remain as Mayor

A convicted felon could be running the city of Hartford.   Don’t laugh… Eyewitness News has been told by a source close to the city council that if Mayor Eddie Perez is found guilty, he could remain in power.   As incredible as it may sound, we are told the city charter lacks a provision to remove a mayor who has been convicted of breaking the law.

One would think if the verdict is guilty, the mayor would offer to resign immediately, but we are told that is unlikely.    It is expected Perez’ lawyers would file an appeal, and the mayor would vow to stay in office.

The city council would then take action to impeach the mayor, but that effort could be fraught with peril, and believe it or not, the mayor has supporters on the council who may want to see him remain in office….guilty verdict be damned.    The process could take months. 

If the verdict is guilty we can undoubtedly expect swift calls for the mayor to resign from the following people:  Governor Rell, Senators Dodd and Lieberman, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, City councilors Pedro Segarra, Matt Ritter, CEOs, civic leaders and more.  Even HPD chief Daryl K. Roberts would have to take a stand.    How could his department enforce law and order, when the highest ranking person in city government was just convicted of a felony?   

Stay tuned…this is going to be an interesting week.

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  1. I want to make sure that I understand this. If Mayor Perez is found in the wrong, that he broke the law, that he is convicted, he still keeps his job. Yet, if let’s say a Senator, Govenore, and even the President they no longer get to keep their job. They are kicked out, no ifs ands or but.

    What is keeping a convicted felon from running to be a Mayor? Hey, I would think he would have a good chance at being elected, if another Mayor who has been convicted while in office getes to keep his job. Gee Gov. Rowland, I would say for you to throw your hat in for the running for Govenor again. I mean hey, just becaused he was convicted and served time in jail, he should be able to run, if not for Gov. then for Mayor of Hartford, they will take you no matter what you have done!


  2. Dennis, I was asking myself that question last night when I was looking at your broadcast how in the world could that Mayor stay in power from Jail. How could the city of Hartford not have something in place that would remove an elected official if are found guilty of a crime?

    After all these years, no one in city government has taken a look at the charter to see that? What about the other 167 cities and towns around the state, are they the same way? I don’t want to see the Mayor go to jail, but the politicians in Hartford are not doing thier job if they didn’t see this coming.

    Guess this is our govenment at its best, just like the state and federal government. Good work guys! Makes one wonder if anything is broken.


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