Fedele Boughton Ticket?

There is speculation tonight that Lt. Governor Michael Fedele will choose Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton as his running mate.  Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie posted the development on his blog www.dailyructions.com    Eyewitness News has learned Fedele has reserved space at the State Capitol for Monday, which is standard procedure if a someone wants to make an announcement there.

On Friday when Eyewitness News learned of Fedele’s reservation for Capitol space,   I asked Boughton campaign spokesman Wayne Winsley if a deal was in the works for Boughton to drop out of the race and join Fedele as a candidate for lieutenant governor.  Winsley’s response was  ” no comment.”      

Calls to Fedele spokesman Chris Cooper have not been returned.

The creation of a Fedele Boughton ticket could give the Stamford Republican enough delegates to win the party nomination at next week’s convention.      It also gives the Fedele campaign a boost, and lessen the sting of embarrassment he might be feeling over Governor Rell’s refusal to endorse him.    Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror reported Friday the Governor will not cast a vote at the convention.   That lack of support from the state’s most popular Republican for the person she chose as a running mate could sow seeds of doubt in some delegates.    If he loses the nomination, there might be some finger pointing by the Fedele faithful at the Governor.

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