In case you missed it: Dr. Petit on Face the State

Here is Part 1 of the Petit interview


 There is part 2 


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  1. Dennis,

    Thank you for putting this on your blog.

    When you asked Dr. Petit, if it gets easier as the days go on (or something similar to those words), and Dr. Petit said it gets different. What he said is very true, I can attest to that.

    I had been in a violent attack when I was 13 by a family member. I thought even when he had died, it would make things easier, yet, even though he’s been dead for the past ten years, a certain sound will bring back the horrific time. Yet, life had to go on even though at the time I wish it didn’t.

    Having met Dr. Petit in person, you really do feel his warmth, and his kindess and caring. I got to see Dr. Petit again for the M.S. Walk in Cheshire, again I got a hug from him and a great big smile he said he had seen I had raised the most for the team I had been on. I told him I bugged people like crazy on Facebook.

    Thank you again, though for the interview. The most times people see him, is when there is a problem with Steven Hayes, and Dr. Petit is frustrated. People need to see him in a different light.


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