GOP candidate for Governor: Rell doesn’t do enough

No one except for Governor Rell knows for sure who will be getting her  endorsement in the race to succeed her, but we know who probably won’t get it:  her fellow Republican Duffy Acevedo. 

Christopher Duffy Acevedo is an Irish-Colombian American who proudly calls himself a mutt.    The Branford businessman is running a longshot campaign for governor, and admitted during a taping of “Face the State”  that if he doesn’t get the nomination at the GOP state convention next month, he’ll abide by the party wishes and support the chosen one.

From the “Face the State”  set Acevedo also took a swipe at the Governor, saying “she needs to do more for the party,” and that “she should be out there more.”     In his defense, it is not the first time a candidate has told me that, but the first time it was said publicly. 

The interview with this relative unknown is interesting.  Acevedo talks about his involvement with the tea party, and why, for someone who is so against government regulation and intrusion,  supports the state government’s ban on Sunday liquor store openings.   

Join us this Sunday at 11AM for “Face the State.”

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