Inside the Trial of Mayor Eddie Perez

This week on “Face the State” we get an inside look at the trial of Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, from our reporter assigned to the trial, Eric Parker.  Eric can offer a unique perspective because not only is he a veteran reporter, he will be a lawyer before too long.

Eric is set to graduate from UConn Law next month and take the bar later this year. 

There is so much that goes on inside a courtroom at trial that just can’t be conveyed in a typical news report during the evening news, especially during this jury selection phase when cameras are banned from the courtroom.   That’s why Eric’s appearance on “Face” this weekend is so interesting.  What was the mayor’s demeanor?  Who was in the courtoom for jury selection?  Eric has those answers.

The last trial I covered for any length of time was the trial of the century…the last century: the trial of O.J. Simpson.   It was fascinating for me to see what the television viewers could not:  namely the jurors.    We won’t see the jury during the Perez trial, but Eric will.

We should point out our coverage of the Perez trial will be extensive.   Channel 3’s Len Besthoff will also  be covering the trial, and our 11PM team will be covering any developments on efforts by the city council to remove the mayor from office on a temporary basis.    

It is likely we won’t see a verdict until June.     Join us this Sunday at 11AM on Face the State for an inside look at the trial.

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