Foley: Blumenthal’s Lawsuits Hurt Connecticut

 Tom Foley has become  the second Republican candidate for Governor to break ranks with Governor Rell.  During a taping of “Face the State” the former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland was asked about Rell’s controversial decision to skip 4 out the past 5 meetings of the National Governor’s Association, even though her office shelled out more than $450,000 in NGA dues.   Dues paid by you, the taxpayer.    Foley said  membership in NGA is important and he would have gone to those meetings if he was governor.

Foley also said he would have been a better negotiator than Governor Rell, and would have vetoed the Democrats budget, and said Rell should have done just that.     He also disagrees with Rell’s opposition to Sunday liquor sales, saying the government shouldn’t be preventing one type of business from opening.

The Greenwich businessman also disagreed with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s claim that his lawsuits create jobs, a subject that came up during this week’s senate debate .   Albert      Foley argued Blumenthal’s legal actions hurt the state and the economy.   You can see more of his explanation and answers to other issues this Sunday at 11AM for the entire interview.    Our guest reporters Fran Schneidau of WCBS Newsradio 880 and Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer.

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  1. Ok,,, one slight problem with Mr. Foley talking about Mr. Blumenthal’s lawsuits causing jobs lost as well as Gov. Rell not being at the NGA’s. He is not the first person this week who has said that.

    I understand that each politician has the right to say their piece, but when two different people in two different parties say the same thing, in the same week I wonder if they are watching each other closely or getting a ‘peak’ at their speeches.


  2. On today’s Fact the State, Foley spoke about how CT is so unfriendly to business and, of course, he rattled off about taxes. However, he neglected to mention a tremendous factor that is drives away business and has been shoved down residents’ throats: the cost of electricity. I’d like to see an interview where at least one reporter will broach this subject to him–or any other candidate–who makes the typical fluff point talks about how the state is unfriendly to business because of taxes. What about the mess that was caused by deregulation?

    Also, in his commercials and in his interviews, Foley repeatedly refers to the fact that “Hartford” doesn’t work….not sure what he means by this. Is he talking about the city itself (Mayor Perez et al) or the state legislature? If he is indeed talking about the state legislature, I wish he would specify that and then give some substantive examples, instead of saying “Hartford”. There must be some PR reason for this…wonder what it is.

    Finally, if what he means when he says “Hartford” doesn’t work is the state legislature, then why is he getting campaign money “the old fashioned way” (lobbyists?). It seems like by using the term “the old fashioned way” he is trying to conjure up idyllic images of ice cream shoppes rather than the not so pleasant world of money for influence. $3,500 per person donation limit is not so high as to allow undue influence–reallly?!! How many individuals do you know who can shell out that kind of money for a campaign donation.

    Please dig a little deeper with questions to all candiates!!


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