Mark Boughton on Face the State: would have done things differently than Rell

This Sunday we are expecting lots of viewers tuning in to Channel 3.   We are airing a football game between Indianapolis and New Orleans and of course, Face the State.   

Our guest this Sunday is a man many of our viewers might be seeing for the first time:  Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton,  who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor.    Although unfamiliar to many people, he made national headlines because of his views on illegal immigration. 

During our taping, Boughton talked about that issue with guest reporters Christine Stuart of ctnewsjunkie.com, Angela Dias of WTIC AM 1080, and me.    We also talked about what he would do to balance the budget, and he admits the current situation is not pretty.  Boughton said more cuts still won’t be enough  and we asked his opinion  about new revenue streams like tolls and Sunday liquor store openings.  

He didn’t criticize Governor Rell but said he would have done a few things differently than her doing the budget crisis.  “I would have vetoed the budget and locked up lawmakers until they passed a bill that passed the smell test,”  Boughton said.

Boughton also conceded he is now waffling on one issue.  You can see his explanation on Sunday.

I will tell you he called the car tax a “pain” and said it might be time to start “sunsetting” it.

See you Sunday at 11AM and don’t forget the wings.    Mild, please.

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  1. Governor Rell has endorsed Green Collar jobs yet her administration is proposing a 37% raid on the ratepayer Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. What will Mayor Boughton do to promote energy efficiency, Green collar jobs and protect the ratepayer funded Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund?


  2. Mark Boughton is full of crap.He’s nothing but a bullshitter.I did not vote for him as Mayor,I will not vote for him as Gov.Time to get him out of office.


  3. Mark needs to know that the public debate on Illegal Immigration will heat up big time. Illegal Immigrants are/have been stealing the construction and landscaping jobs many CT residents, American citizens and legal Immigrants need to pay their mortgages and bills, never mind other industries they have penetrated. Look for the likes of La Raza marching against the likes of the Tea Partiers this summer especially in California if Obama pushes redefined terminology for Amnesty. Mark’s response of State Troopers or Muni Police letting Illegals go after being told to by the Feds if stopped for anything beyond a crime is a slap in the face to the rule of law. No Amnesty, No Mas!


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