Should the media drop coverage of the Dodd Mortgage Controversy?”

The chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic party thinks the media should cease covering the mortgage issue, calling it a “non-issue.”  You can watch Nancy DiNardo’s comments this Sunday at 11AM.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Absolutely not!!!!! Dodd should come clean. Why is he not being totally up front here? Of course the Democratic chairman doesn’t want this covered… It make Dodd’s seat vulnerable.


  2. Spoken like a true Democrat. Her saying that is a sure sign they need to continue to get to the bottom of it.

    He and Barney Frank are half the reason we have the mortgage mess in the first place. They both should be grilled to no end for that reason alone…then shown the door.

    He’s a poster boy for term limits.


  3. Jim – I couldn’t agree more. If this was a Republican you can bet that the state Democratic chairman would be calling for his or her resignation. I use to like Blumemthal but now he is justifying Dodd’s lying as well.


  4. Ridiculous, as usual. Chris Dodd’s Sweetheart Mortgage a “Non-Issue”. Typical Democrat. “Do as we say, not as we do”.
    Yes, I’d like to see what the coverage would be if we were talking about a Republican did the same thing. It is so biased, it’s an absolute media monopoly. Always trying to make Democrats look good, and Republicans look bad.


  5. I do not understand the excitement about Senator Dodd’s mortgage. In 2002 I got a jumbo construction mortgage of over 500,000 dollars at 4.25 percent. In 2003, after I had completed the construction of my new home, I got a fixed rate mortgage at 4.49 percent. My loans came from a local community bank and my only closing fees were for any work conducted by my attorney.
    I had no connection to anyone at the bank. I had never met the loan officer before I applied for the loan. Has anyone given any thought to the idea that Dodd might have excellent credit and as a public figure might have been less likely to default on his loan?


  6. Sen. Dodd Liar liar pants on fire. He should come clean and resign. As a lifelong Democrat I can not stand this man anymore. Everyday one more item comes out about him that makes me realize what a fraud he is. RESIGN NOW


  7. Steve

    If Dodd has nothing to hide then why hasn’t he forwarded all his documents yet? He could put this bed easily, but yet he hasn’t. That right there tells me he is hiding something.


  8. The Democrats have grilled Republicans to death in the last eight years. Now that it’s their turn in office, they want that scrutiny to end. Dodd and Barney Frank have been crooks for years and their mis-managemnt has helped lead us into this banking crisis. It’s time for him to resign for the good of the people of CT.


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