Mayor Mike Peters 1948-2009


One of our state’s most popular politicians has died.  Former Hartford Mayor Mike Peters died today at Hartford Hospital (1/4) after a long battle with liver disease, and just three months after undergoing a liver transplant.    His son Chris told me his dad left this world surrounded by his family.    Funeral arrangments are pending.

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  1. 😦
    the best thing that happened to Hartford. He brought hope to what the city could be but still is a work in progress. he will be missed.


  2. Now I understand why he looked so thin a couple of months ago when on Channel 3. I thought he had just lost a lot of weight on his own. I had no idea he was sick.

    RIP Mayor Mike. Hartford will miss you.


  3. mayor mike peters,
    he always had a big loveable smile very friendly and he only wanted the best for the city of hartford.
    the only mayor in my book to hold that office honest and true.
    we loved you but god loved you more rest in peace.


  4. mike was a great guy he giive some advice long ago he said if you do whats right in life right things would come back to you have a rest my friend


  5. Back in the mid 90’s I shared with Mayor Mike an experience that I had with some friends and strangers on a gondola ride up Stowe Mountain that reflected Hartford’s biggest problem then and probably still to this day.

    Climbing onto the gondola with me and my friends was what appeared to be a husband and wife couple. On the long ride up the mountain, they asked us where we all were from. My first friend and his wife answered..”we’re from West Hartford”…………my other friend answered……”I’m from Glastonbury”……….I then answered “I’m from Hartford”………..my friends all looked at me with incredulous stares since I lived in Farmington at the time and only worked in downtown Hartford.

    We then asked the couple where they were from and they responded that they were from Montreal. I pried a bit deeper with them and they indicated that they were actually from a suburb just outside of Montreal.

    We all got off of the Gondola and I asked my (idiot) friends…….”do you think these people have ever heard of Glastonbury or Farmington?……………Have a little pride in the City that you all belong to”

    Mayor Mike gave me a big amen to that. And all of these years the greater Hartford region still suffers from this same malady.

    At least Mayor Mike got some of us in the suburbs to start thinking the right way.


  6. I feel so sad about Mayor Mike – I have always liked him and hope his family and friends will always rememebr teh good time they shared with him… My prayers and thoughts are with Mayor Mike’s family…. He will be a big miss…. Hartford has lost a true advocate and friend…


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