A Long Overdue Honor

As we reported on Eyewitness News earlier this year Ann Street in downtown Hartford has been renamed “Ann Uccello Street.”    The signs (there are 3 of them) on I-84 went up over the past two weeks.   City signs are being made and will be put up later.

Check out my blog from December 2006 to learn more about Mayor Ann Uccello, and her place in history.    http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2006/12/02/nutmeg-names-ann-uccello/

When I interviewed the honorable Miss Uccello I asked her if anything was named after her, and she said “no.”   I was really surprised since there is a school named for former Mayor Thirman Milner and a post office named for former congresswoman Barbara Kennelly.  Both served after Uccello, and both are younger.   Uccello is a very down to worth woman who doesn’t sit around talking about the good old days.   When I asked around, the belief was that Uccello wasn’t honored because she is a Republican, and the city has been controlled by Democrats since the days she left office nearly 38 years ago.     She was friends with President Nixon and later hired by him, and maybe some held that against her.

Anyway, this trailblazer  is finally being recognized for her accomplishments and more importantly her contributions to the city, the state, women, Italian-Americans, and the federal government.

Congratulations, Ann Uccello!!       Look for news of an official unveiling ceremony coming up.

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