Here’s what you missed….

…if you weren’t watching Channel 3 this week. 

Eyewitness News brought you some compelling investigations, including Eric Parker’s look at a scam on the elderly.      Len Besthoff broke the story about how a dangerous suspect was set free….accidentally.   We had some crime stories that were hardly garden variety.   At the state’s toughest prison a convicted murderer on death row stabbed another of Connecticut’s worst with a pen, a day after another convict was stomped to death in a revenge killing.   The moral there is “stay out of trouble so you don’t go to prison.”   We also had a story that made  every man cringe:  a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the genitals with not just one knife, but two.  

On a lighter note, Leon Collins had an amusing look at how West Haven is trying to become the “friendliest city,”  and Kevin Hogan interviewed Dan Akroyd.   Best thing about that was we got to hear Denise say “Beldar Conehead.”    On Better Connecticut,  Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun told you about a new test all pregnant women must take and they took you to a new attraction in northwestern Connecticut.   On Face the State,  a state representative explained what many consider to be inexplicable:   why he voted against a new law that would have banned open containers of alcohol while driving.    We also brought you the story about the man who got a free flight but had to sit on the toilet for two hours during turbulence.   Now he is suing.   Al Terzi also revealed he graduated from high school in 1655.   He looks great for 371 doesn’t he? 

Elsewhere on your favorite channel,  Oprah showed us some polygamist “sister-wives” in a creepy  eyeopening interview.  Sergio Garcia won big at Sawgrass,  and Hillary Clinton won in West Virginia, but in both cases no one really cared.   On Bold and the Beautiful, Eric married his ex-wife’s sister after she was dumped by both of his sons, both of whom are older than their new stepmother.   Got that?   On Without a Trace, the season finale had free-spirited FBI agent Samantha Spade (Poppy Montgomery) having her baby, but you’ll have to wait until next season for the name and the daddy.  Is it her boss, her co-worker,  the one night stand, or someone else?    

More good TV coming up next week on WFSB.    Don’t miss a minute.

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