Teen Drivers, Your Money, Death and an Icon

Spring is the time many teenagers will get their driver’s license or a learner’s permit. It is a rite of passage, but learning how to drive now is much different than it was for previous generations. Cell phones, navigation, Apple CarPlay, and other technological advances that make life easier and driving more dangerous.

Back in the 1980s my parents had a car phone that was installed into the dashboard. I remember it had red LED lighting and had a code to lock it, because the calls were super expensive and “wasn’t for the kids.” It had a cord and I can’t imagine driving and calling at the same time.

This Sunday morning on This Week in Connecticut I will talk with DMV commissioner Tony Guerrera about teen drivers and two other issues he is dealing with: reckless drivers and people are stoned behind the steering wheel.

Also Sunday we are talking about the aid in dying bill with Chris Healy of the Connecticut Catholic Conference and Congressman Jim Himes about the banking collapses and the possible indictment of former president Donald Trump.

We are also talking about Conny the Whale with Ronni Newton of The West Hartford icon needs to a new home but how does one transport a gigantic cement whale?

Tune in Sunday morning at 10 for This Week in Connecticut on WTNH.

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