Personal High for a Painting

The past year has been a tough one and I tried to capture a bit of it in this piece of art. Every year the House family tries to take part in Wet Paint Newport which raises money for the Newport Art Museum.

This year my donation was “Crabs, Coronavirus and a Caballero. To my surprise it sold for $500! Al proceeds benefit the museum.

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  1. Congratulations. I love it. Captures summer perfectly. Unfortunately that’s. As close as I can ever get to the beach now. Makes me crabby. Lol. Jsne and her girlfriend have been to mumisquamicut twice this summer.

    I started looking at real estate in newport. But I wouldn’t buy a thing without checking with Kara the authority first. You guys boyh had the covid? Shows how out of it I am.

    You guys doing ok? How’d you beat it?

    You biggest fan

    Jim vicevich

    So we’ll worth the money.

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