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Time to learn something new! I was asked to be a guest co-host on the Ray Dunaway show when Joe D’Ambrosio is off and I’m honored to sit in the studio where these broadcast legends effortlessly talk to the people of Connecticut for three and a half hours Monday through Friday. After doing television for much of my career, I’m excited to try out radio for a week.

I’ve been a guest on many radio programs over the years but never in the hosting or co-hosting seat. I’ve always admired the way my radio brethren across Connecticut can talk about anything and make it sound easy, all the while with headsets on and pushing all the right buttons.

WTIC has a rich history. Another legend Bob Steele was on the air there for decades, and actually did radio before he added tv to his duties.

I invite you to tune in to WTIC AM 1080, next week November 16-20 from 5:30AM to 9AM

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  1. At 84 years old & having lived in Rocky Hill & Simsbury & Avon & Groton, & Mystic, CT..WTIC is the ONLY Radio Station that I ever listen to! Especially, first thing in the morning AND whenever i am in my car – no matter what time of day! !! My FAVORITE RADIO STATION since I was very little!!!!!


  2. It will be wonderful to hear your voice again. Your expertise and true knowledge of the state, rather than reading from a teleprompter, is desperately needed in these times.


  3. Looking forward to hearing you. I listen to them from the time I get into my office (around 6:30) till I get home and turn on WFSB!!


  4. I’ll be sure to listen, Dennis. Good Luck !! I’ve been a fan of WTIC for many years, I turn 76 next week !!


  5. I live in Cromwell. The Planning and Zoning voted to allow Digital Billboards along Route 9.
    There will be two or more double sided billboards dispute resident opposition.
    Mainly this should be a safety issue which is a responsibility of town officicals. In addition to preserving a scenic CT. The State should step in to prohibit as in northern states. How can we stop this!?


  6. Radio is a lot more fun than television! Ray is so easy to work with. Except for getting up so early, you’re going to LOVE it!!! I’ll be listening.


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