Tolls, Marijuana, Mayors and the NFL in Hartford

Marijuana, tolls, casinos and the budget are expected to dominate the legislative session this year. Sunday on Face the State we discussed this with State Senators Tony Hwang and Dennis Bradley who disagreed on everything from a higher minimim wage to pot smoking to tolls.

Also on the program, Kevin Rennie and Rick Green of the Hartford Courant talking about four big mayoral races this year in Hartford, New Haven, New Britain and Bridgeport. Headline from the conversation? Mayor Toni Harp is in trouble in New Haven, and President Trump’s unpopularity could cost Republican mayors and first selectmen this year. Watch Kevin and Rick here:

Joe Zwiebel of the Hartford Business Journal is with us to talk about the marketplace here. Which companies in Connecticut are the biggest and what are the business trends?

See Zwiebel’s interview here:

Our flashback is suited for next week’s Super Bowl. In 1994 I reported on secret negotiations between the state of Connecticut and the Los Angeles Rams to move them to Hartford. The Pequots and some big names in sports and entertainment were involved.

Watch that here:

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