Face the State

The Battle for the State Senate


Voters in several communities will go to the polls on Tuesday for three special elections for the general assembly, one in the House of Representatives, the other two in the state senate. This Sunday on Face the State we are joined by the two candidates on the ballot in the race to succeed State Senator Eric Coleman, Democrat Douglas McCrory and Republican Mike McDonald. There is currently a 17-17 tie, but Republicans would have to win both senate races to take control because Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman is currently the tiebreaker.


Also on Sunday two state senators will join us to talk about a new effort to change the electoral college. Democrat Mae Flexer makes her case for shifting to the popular vote, and Republican Mike McLachlan argues for the status quo.

Our flashback takes us back to the early 1970s and co-ed dorms. See you Sunday morning at 11 on WFSB.

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