Channeling Our Inner Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison and the Doors weren’t around for very long, but their popularity continues to live on long after Morrison’s death in 1971.  I first learned about the Doors thanks to an album my parents had, and I always wished I could have seen them in concert.

I enjoyed sort of the the next best thing to a Doors show last week at Infinity Hall in Hartford.  For a birthday present, Kara got me tickets to the “Riders on the Storm” tribute  show.   These guys were spot on.

Added bonus:  ESPN legend Chris Berman was at the show and supplied us with a fascinating supply of Doors factoids.   He told us he once even sang “Light My Fire,” with the band.   That’s the next show I want to see.   By the way, that’s Ryan aka Ray Manzarek with us in the picture.

Here’s a Doors factoid from me:  50 years ago this year Morrison was arrested in New Haven.  Check out the film below.

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