What’s Next for Susan Bysiewicz?


For more than a decade, Susan Bysiewicz was a fixture on the Connecticut political scene. She won statewide elections as Secretary of the State by huge margins in 1998, 2002, and 2006. As the 2010 election approached, polls showed the Middletown Democrat as her party’s top choice for governor. Bysiewicz decided not to run for the state’s top office, and after an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor in ’10 and a loss in the senate primary in 2012, she went to work for a law firm.

In her first appearance on Face the State in four years, Bysiewicz talked about her new job: raising money for Hillary Clinton, in fact she was recently named to the Clinton campaign’s national finance committee. Will toiling for Clinton lead to a job in a Clinton administration? Bysiewicz told me it is not her top priority, but if Clinton were to be elected with her help, she’d think about it.

“I love public service. I do miss public sector…..I would think it would be an honor if there is something I could do to help our country.”

Bysiewicz has also portrayed Clinton in a mock debate.

What about another run for office? “You never know,” Bysiewicz told me, but it seems she isn’t yearning for a run for governor. “Governor Malloy has had a very difficult job…..God bless anyone who wants to be governor of Connecticut.”

There was some vague language about another run for office, that I’ll let you interpret what she said right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12643399/susan-bysiewicz-discuss-dnc


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