Oops! Misspelling on Hartford Street Sign

uccello mispelled sign

Sitting at a stop light today I noticed the name of the street was misspelled on the relatively new and attractive sign.   It should say Ann Uccello Street, but the “l” is missing.   Honestly, I’m not sure how long the sign (the flip side is also misspelled) has been up there, but the street has been named for the former  mayor since 2008.

Eyewitness News will see what we can find out about how and when the mistake happened, and when it will be fixed.

Here’s how it should be spelled.


Read more about Mayor Uccello right here:  https://dennishouse.tv/2012/05/19/former-mayor-ann-uccello-turns-the-big-9-0/



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  1. I thought that was misspelled, however some spellings on names are different. Great job, they should name Dennis Ave. and you can be sure the spelling is correct before its up. Unreal!!!!😌


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