Champion for the Challenged


Connecticut is a state rich in history, with some beautiful public buildings other states would love to have a fraction of.  These spectacular structures are also old  and problematic for many, especially for those with disabilities.


That’s where this guy comes in.  Jonathan Slifka is  Governor Malloy’s new and first ever disability advocate.  Slifka is a trailblazer who has gone where many people with disabilities had never gone before.  He was our guest this Sunday on Face the State and at the link below you’ll hear his life story and his goals for making our state a better place to live for people with disabilities in terms of mobility, transportation and jobs.

Bottom line: our state still has a long way to go.

Watch right here and also learn about his own experience when he arrived for the taping: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12082666/making-the-state-more-handicapped-accessible


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  1. Dennis House, the State of Connecticut is not a happy state. The WSJ said Governor Malloy “was the worst governor since Pat Quinn lost in Illinois” that’s a quote. I agree with the Wall Street Journal 100%. There are so many issues and reasons, Governor Malloy takes advantage of the people and taxpayers, his spending is irresponsible, rampant, and extremely wasteful. The budget has never been balanced and yet before reelection he lied about the budget and taxes and deficits. I call this “Malloy math”. Governor Malloy’s administration” he and his circle of friends make decisions behind closed doors and in the dark in the night. He has no respect for the people and taxpayers and the Legislature. Governor Malloy has failed Connecticut businesses miserably and has been trying to destroy the hospitals. Governor Malloy’s budget mitigation is built on gimmicks and tricks, he is a bully and mean spirited and his true colors are very apparent. Governor Malloy’s narrative isn’t working anymore. Respectfully Lynn Roe


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