Cannon Hoping to End 44 Years of Democratic Control


This Sunday on Face the State, we were joined by a type of candidate for mayor of Hartford we didn’t have in the election of 2011: a Republican.  Businessman Ted Cannon is carrying the GOP banner this fall, after his party sat out the race last time.  During the taping, Cannon said despite the overwhelming number of registered Democrats in the city, he can wins, something his party last did in 1969.

“I’m appealing to the fact that one party rule does not work in the city…..and people are starting to get the message.”

Democrat Luke Bronin is also running on the change message, but Cannon told me changing one Democrat for another is not change.  He didn’t mention Pedro Segarra by name, but said the next mayor needs to restore trust and accountability that has been lost.

Cannon also weighed in the Dillon Stadium debacle, whether Hartford should pursue a casino, and more.  Watch it here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11943330/republican-seeks-hartford-mayor-position


Also on the program we will be talking about the last Republican mayor of the city, Ann Uccello.  Her new autobiography is out and we will talk with the author Paul Pirrotta.  Preview of that here:  https://dennishouse.tv/2015/10/23/a-hartford-history-lesson/

See you Sunday.

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