Nader Suggests Brown Warren Ticket for Democrats


Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader is suggesting a ticket for the Democrats in 2016: Brown/Warren.

During a taping of Face the State that aired Sunday on WFSB-TV (CBS) Hartford, the consumer advocate and author criticized Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and said California Governor Jerry Brown and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would be a great “east coast-west coast ticket.”    Nader called Warren a preferable presidential candidate to Clinton, but felt she would only run for vice-president and told me Brown wants to run for president.

Jerry Brown is waiting,” according to Nader, who said someone he knows who spoke to Brown directly told him the governor wants in.  “Don’t think Jerry Brown isn’t interested……he is waiting for the party to say we have an emergency here,  we need someone well known with a record.”


That emergency could be further decline in the polls for Clinton, or damaging revelations or legal trouble from the FBI regarding the investigation into her private email system, a setup Nader called “dangerous.”

“It’s  (Brown/Warren) a great consolation prize if Hillary,  after sucking out the oxygen out of the political system on the democratic side and falters or declines or decides it isn’t worth the trouble,” Nader said.


Nader also talked about President Obama, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, and his new book “Return to Sender.”   We also talked at length about his Connecticut childhood, and his new museum in Winsted, the American Museum of Tort Law, which features a Chevrolet Corvair.


Watch part 1: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11913308/nadar-talks-about-presidential-candidates

Watch part 2: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11913310/nadar-discusses-new-book

Watch part3:


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  1. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are responsible for failed state of Libya and resulting destabilization of North Africa and many of the mass migrations from those areas to Europe.


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