Raising Awareness About a Cancer Only a Guy Can Get


A brave man from Berlin, Connecticut is talking about a cancer that is not talked about very often. Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable of cancers and there are survivors of it everywhere, yet very few who’ve beaten it, go public with their battles. Rocco Buccheri is trying to change that and save some lives.

Rocco was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 23. Three years later, it came back, and he beat it again. His story is one of inspiration. Rocco fathered a child after losing both testicles to cancer. It is mostly a young man’s disease, although one of my college friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 49.

You can watch Rocco’s story at the link below. His message: check your testicles regularly for any lumps. Women have no embarrassment talking about breast self exams and going to the gynecologist. We guys should feel no shame in checking ourselves for a potentially deadly cancer, and during a physical exam don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to check. I check myself, and so do the guys in the photo above who part of a campaign to raise awareness about testicular cancer. If you don’t know what to do ask your doctor, and there are also tutorials on YouTube.

Here is Rocco’s story, and share with your brother, friends or any guy you care about, and encourage them to do self-exams.


Learn more about testicular cancer right here: http://www.testicularcancersociety.org

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for covering Rocco’s story and helping not just raise awareness about testicular cancer but also that one can still have a family after diagnosis. Facing treatments to save one’s life but that may affect one’s fertility is a huge concern for guys during diagnosis and treatments.


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