Who is Running for Mayor of Hartford?


Ever since Mayor Pedro Segarra appeared on Face the State last month and suggested he is leaning toward running for another term, we’ve heard the names of several potential opponents.  This Sunday on Face the State, we will get the very latest on the race from WNPR’s Jeff Cohen, who added that Hartford is a much different city than when Segarra was first elected a little over three years ago.


Watch my interview with Jeff Cohen right here: https://dennishouse.tv/2014/12/19/hartford-mayoral-race-john-gale/

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  1. I say start from the top & go down. I use to work for the city of Hartford (9/1987-5/2011). A lot has changed through the years. People only look out for certain people. The ones that get sick and not taken care of are out of luck like me. I got sick since working at one of the three building ( Burdgoff Health Center-80 Coventry St., 50 Jennings RD. and City Hall ). I was taken out of work for three months at city hall because of the construction that had gotten to me. Then I was returned to the some building. Then later forced out of city hall because of co-workers. One no longer works there I heard transferred if he is still at that place. I was taken out of city hall (for three months) per occupational medicine due to construction that had gotten to me. I was placed back in the same building (different location). I should have been transferred into another building. I am still have health problems that none of my doctors will claim that the builds helped cause it. I am now getting help from a therapist which is helping.


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