11 Weeks After the Transformation Challenge


I’ve been asked by many of you how I’ve been doing now that the 6 week MELT transformation challenge is over.   After 6 weeks I had dropped more than 18 pounds and 7 % body fat, by eating better and working out differently.

Since the 6 week mark on November 6th, I’ve only gained back 3 pounds (still down 15 pounds since September 25,), and that includes a few parties, pizza with my kids and two Thanksgiving celebrations .  If there is anything Iearned after the 6 week experiment with trainer Joe Carabase, is that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  Sure I pigged out a few times in the past month, but I’m still eating the things Joe recommended, and I’ve stayed away from the pasta, bread, and sweets.   Now that I know that I can go without, it makes staying in shape much easier.

With Christmas and New Year’s coming up, I expected to run into plenty of culinary temptations, but I think I’ll it much easier to skip them.  I also have two weeks off then and my plan is to really work out…often.   After the 1st of the year, I think I’ll step it up and be more strict about my diet, so I can look like Joe come beach season!.


Here is the story of how I dropped the fat:  https://dennishouse.tv/2014/11/07/how-i-lost-a-whole-bunch-of-fat/

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