Malloy & Foley Set for First Televised Debate

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Governor Dannel Malloy and Republican Tom Foley will appear in their first televised debate on Tuesday, September 30th at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford. To be correct, it is candidates’ first TV debate THIS year after having debated four years ago in the 2010 campaign.

We’ll have more information on the debate as the date draws nearer.

Meanwhile this Sunday on Face the State, we will get some fresh perspective on the governor’s race from David Collins on the Day of New London.

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Tune to Face the State this Sunday morning at 11 on WFSB Channel 3.

Also, take our unofficial poll on who you support among the major party candidates for governor. Malloy or Foley?

Plus, are you worried about enterovirus?   The Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health is on Face the State this morning with all the information we need.   See you this morning at 11.

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  1. SHHHHH don’t let the people know that there is actually a 3rd candidate running. We have to keep the establishment in power. We have to keep that other candidate off the debates because if the people hear about him. He would probably win. and he is not part of the club.


    • Thats true, there is a WONDERFUL third candidate. JOE VISCONTI but he hasnt been allowed in debates YET!!! If they dont want him??? He has to be good!!!. Im voting for Joe Visconti . I went on his webpage and checked the issues, and gyess what???? They match me perfectly!! NO RINO THERE!!!


  2. “On your side” Which side is that? The elitist side? The dark side? Intentionally keeping people in the dark about Joe Visconti, a candidate nominated by the people and that is on the ballot, is on the treasonous side, if you ask me. To ‘moderate’ is to be non-partisan. You, WFSB and sadly Dennis House, are partisan to the usurpation of our rights, since you have chosen to interfere and control an election. The two party facade and this media station..sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G. Now back to your regularly scheduled drug push to further control you. Ask your soul if this station is good for you.


  3. This is an abysmal slipshod excuse for journalism. The are THREE candidates on the ballot for governor in Connecticut and you have not covered one candidate, Joe Visconti, once. You have failed in your job as news reporters and are instead trying to influence the news. You have completely lost the public’s trust.


  4. I know I want to hear from Joe Visconti. I want to be able to compare. As far as I can see there is NO difference between Foley and Malloy. So the elites tell us we have two choices their guy # and THEIR guy #2 and no one else is allowed. The people of Connecticut have the right to hear ALL sides.


  5. You people are despicable interfering with a Governors race , where is the 3rd party candidate why is he not in this pole as far as I remember he got the signatures to be on the ballot and now your blocking him from the people ! Shame on you , you should be brought to justice for interfering!


  6. The airways you broadcast on are legally property of the people and as such YOU have an obligation to allow all the legitimate gubinatorial candidates (there are 3) in any televised debate. As an unaffiliated voter (the largest single block in the state of CT), you and your station are doing a huge disservice to me and others like me who are tired of political repeats (didn’t Malloy run against Foley last time? What, if anything, has changed since their last campaigns?).
    And while I am on the subject of “PUBLIC AIRWAYS”, would you allow me (or anyone else for that matter) to do an editorial piece expressing the above opinion? NO media stifles public opinion more than television. You and Mr. Depalma should be ashamed!
    Tom Topping
    (former) USMC
    Manchester, CT.


  7. You are not not on the side of the people of Connecticut by discriminating against Joe Visconti who is a third party candidate RUNNING for GOVERNOR. Who has bought you out, You should not be on the air with this kind of DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ONE CANDIDATE. You are not a fair station. Shame on you WFSB!


  8. Joe Visconti was nominated by over 10,000 registered voters. That’s more than all the people in the Republican town committees combined, and over eight times the number of delegates attending the Republican Convention on May 16-17.

    In Connecticut politics principles don’t matter anymore. It’s all about the money.
    There are only three bona fide candidates for the governor who legally qualified to have their names placed on the ballot.

    To block the most knowledgeable, the most articulate and by far, the most likeable man from the debates is despicable. It again shows the citizens that Connecticut is under the influence of unconstitutional media warlords, who don’t care about truth and justice, just power and money.


  9. What a disappointment WFSB. Since when did it become your place to decide who we voters get to listen to? Joe Visconti rightfully earned a spot on the November ballot, so why is he not included in the debate. Imagine if our founders valued polling results above the actual process of earning a place on the ballot, where would we be now? CT voters are looking for a change. Why are you standing in the way of us seeing the change we want?


  10. Is that all 12 of Visconti’s supporters now?
    Visconti won’t be there because this debate is for grownups.


  11. I am so disappointed in WFSB and Dennis House for not standing up for the other legitimate candidate for Governor, Joe Visconti. It is your job to ensure accurate reporting of ALL candidates and include them all in any and every debate, particularly the one(s) you sponsor. To dismiss Mr. Visconti does a great disservice to the People of Connecticut by not letting them see for themselves who is running for Governor. The Independents in Connecticut are many and by your snubbing Mr. Visconti, you are not fulfilling your obligation as being fair and impartial. You should rethink your position quickly and include Mr. Visconti in the debate.


  12. Why are you hiding Joe Visconti? He definitely deserves to be at the debate. Joe did everything he was supposed to do to get on the ballot and We The People need to hear what he has to say on tv. It is not fair to the people of this state to be denied a debate with our third party candidate involved.


  13. Leaving a candidate out of the debate who is legally on the ballot is a sham! I will not watch such a farce. I’m betting the two major parties had something to do with ‘locking’ Joe Visconti out of their ‘little country club’, however, when the people get informed, they better watch out. Joe Visconti is the ONLY candidate for Governor who is against Common Core, for Pro gun, and Pro small business. I will delete channel 3 from my channel listing from this day forward. Shame on you!


  14. I find it amusing that the comments here describe JV as a candidate selected by the “oeople” We all know, and his campaign readily admits, that most of the petition signatures were penned by Democrats.
    Why does the Democrat party want JV in the race?
    What better way to help re-elect Malloy.
    Polling at 3% is hardly a viable candidate


  15. Well that’s see, there’s a Third Party candidate that actually has solutions, but hes not allowed to debate, and not even mentioned by the media. This is America and we all want to be represented. We all want a choice. OUR choice not the medias choice. Frankly I don’t give a dam who the media endorses. Look at the great job you did with the president you endorsed!!!! Loser in chief. Gee the media is great at picking candidates…… The ones that pay for their advertising in your papers and TV stations. MONEY ALWAYS TALKS FOLKS…. But I thought that the LEFT didn’t like rich people!! Oh yeah ONLY when they don’t give to them!!! Connecticut wants to hear from both. Yeah Foley thinks your’e doing HIM a favor hes an idiot, because your’e actually helping Malloy in not letting JOE VISCONTI debate. They were signed by Republicans Independents and yes Democrats that are VERY angry at Malloy!!!! Yes he is selected by the people. What are you guys afraid of??? After all he wouldnt be taking many votes? AT least thats what you all say!!


  16. He is on the ballot and the fact that you dont want to acknowledge it doesnt keep him off. People will see they have a BEST choice. NOT a TAX and SPEND governor nor a wishy washy Foley thats why Malloy wants him in.


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