Moving on Up


Today we say a goodbye to one of our key players at WFSB, Steve Yablonski. You’ve probably seen his byline on stories on wfsb.com, and perhaps had a glimpse of him in our newsroom shots. Steve’s official title is “digital something or other,” but for a man over 40 the word digital conjures up horrid thoughts, so I’ve always called him the webmaster.

After five years of helping drive our website to unforseen levels of success, he is moving on to WCVB in Boston, home to other WFSB alums including Olessa Stepanova, Pam Cross and Todd Kazakiewich.

Steve did a great job for us, and was always a big Face the State fan, making sure the show made it on line on time. He also loved meeting the guests, like Mika and Joe!


Godspeed Steve.

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  1. Thanks for everything, Dennis. You guys have been great and I’m really going to miss the team.


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