Blown Out by the Optic Yellow Ball


It is our annual day off. Face the State is getting bumped this Sunday by CBS coverage of U.S. Open Tennis. We’ll be returning to our regular schedule next Sunday, September 7th.

This fall we have the governor’s race, five congressional races and several state races this campaign season. We also have plenty of material in the Channel 3 archives for our Face the State flashback segments.

Let me know who or what you’d like to see on Face the State in the coming year.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Good morning Dennis the governor the never do what the saying wen the race i don’t like none of tham & THE MAYER SEGARA HIS MAKING MASS IN HARTFORD WITH ALL THE TRAFFIC AND EVERYTHING ELSE AND I DON’T LIKE GOVERNOR MALLOY OK THANK YOU HAVE GREAT SUNDAY WITH KARA & YOU KIDS


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