A Rare Sighting in the Parking Lot


My son was captivated by a rare sight last week in Newport, Rhode Island: a mint condition Ford Pinto Country Squire complete with the optional plaid upholstery. “Hey Dad, it looks like the Roadmaster!” Yes, only about a 1/3 the size. Anyone who was of age in the 1970s will remember these quirky compact cars, which were hot sellers until allegations surfaced that the Pinto was not safe.


The Pinto made dubious headlines after claims the gas tank could explode in rear end collisions. It later turned out the Pinto was just as safe as other cars its size, but the damage to its reputation was done. The owner of this Pinto wagon obviously has a sense of humor about the car’s bad rap.


Auto writers also love to call the Pinto one of the ugliest creations to ever hit the road, but automakers still come out with a hideous ride from time to time. Check out the awful maw on this Subaru Tribeca.


Reading for a rainy day: check out the tales of my woody wagon: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/end-of-the-road-for-the-master-of-the-road/

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  1. My parents had one of the two doors… If I remember it was a 1976 the back was mor glass then metal!


  2. And it has the plaid seats!!!! What a gem! I had a lemon yellow Pinto wagon-hated it, but it had 4 wheels and ran. That was important as a poor college student! Thanks for the time travel!


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