2014 Governor’s Race Should be Very Interesting


Politicos around the state are buzzing about this week’s Quinnipiac University poll which shows Governor Malloy trailing the man he narrowly defeated in 2010, Tom Foley. It is early, with more than 16 months until the election, but even if the numbers were reversed, we’d still be talking a close race.

This Sunday on Face the State, we will discuss the poll with two members of the state parties. Jerry Farrell is a second vice-chair of the state Republican party, and Jonathan Harris is the executive director of the Connecticut Democratic party.



We also discussed the visits this week by Texas Governor Rick Perry and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, who came here to recruit companies.


Also on Sunday, we are talking about the CCSB: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/what-is-the-ccsb/

Sunday’s flashback is some great old video of the first day of the Hartford Whalers: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/fts-flashback-the-day-connecticut-became-a-major-league-state/

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11 for Face the State, only on WFSB Channel 3.

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  1. Its nice that you posted a list of the possible contenders. However the majority of the people don’t know any of them and know nothing about who they are our what their stand is. Responsible reporting would publish this information so the people can make an informed decision instead of just voting for any name that sounds good other than Malloy.


  2. Looks like McKinney voted for himself. LOL
    Yesterday a small band of intrepid patriots visited McKinney’s home town for the first time. The first time…….


  3. Hey Dennis, right now I am the only registered candidate for Governor of CT, I registered April 4th as a Republican Candidate.


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