Was that Taylor Swift in Hartford Traffic?


Thousands of drivers were stuck in gridlock yesterday in Hartford and some of the suburbs due to blizzard snow removal on Interstate 84. While frustrated folks were looking for a way off the highway that would only dump them into another traffic jam, many drivers gave a double take when they spotted what appeared to be Taylor Swift sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was also in a state of inertia in a sea of stuck vehicles.


It was actually a cardboard cutout of the pop star, that was seated right next to Kara Sundlun for her ride home in her Buick Verano. Here’s the back story. Our daughter is a big Taylor Swift fan, and when I spotted a life-sized cardboard cutout at the drug store, I asked the manager if I could have it when it was no longer needed.


That day came this week, and I was driving Kara’s car at the time, so I tossed it in the passenger seat and headed to work. Kara took the car home and got stuck in that highway mess for an hour and a half. She told me people pointed and laughed at her carpool buddy, and some even commented. Watch Kara talking about it on Better Connecticut:

I scored some big daddy points at home. My daughter was thrilled by my acquisition. Here she is in 2009 dancing and singing to one her Taylor Swift favorites.


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