Face the State Flashback: Parade of Progress

Parade of Progress on Central Row, Hartford  May 1958

Like thousands of people last weekend, I went to the Connecticut Auto Show to check out the new cars for 2013.    The show comes every year, and while not as dramatic and entertaining as the auto shows in Detroit or New York, I rarely miss it.    Did you know, that long before the auto show came to town, there used to be an auto parade?

my daughter and a 2013 Buick Encore at the CT Auto Show, 2012

In this Sunday’s Face the State flashback, we bring you some clips from old film of the “Parade of Progress.”   It was a parade of all the new cars for 1958, and it was carried live by Channel 3, when we had our old call letters, WTIC.

In the film you’ll see Channel 3 legends Ed Anderson, Hap Richards, Bob Steele, Dick Bertel and Ranger Andy.   One of the reporters is actually smoking while on camera.   You’ll all see the giant fins that graced the cars that year, and new foreign cars making their debut on American soil.

Dick Bertel about to interview Ranger Andy in a 1958 Chevrolet Impala

The parade was held in downtown Hartford and drew a big crowd.

You can watch the entire flashback, this Sunday morning at 11 on Channel 3.

Watch the segment right here:

Read about the Detroit auto show:

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  1. Dennis, I just discovered the archive footage of “Lincoln in Hartford” and the 1958 Automobile Parade”. I had no idea that video still existed. I was amazed to see how ambitious an undertaking the “Lincoln” show was. We assembled in the TV studio on Grove Street at 7:30 PM and had to be finished taping by a little after 10 so the floor crew could set up for the 11 o’clock News. Just amazng. By the way, you have me listed as the late Dick Bertel. Not yet!


  2. Hi Dick, I am so sorry! Great to hear you are alive and well. I have corrected the Lincoln script. We have another Dick Bertel clip in the can for 2013. I’ll let you know when.


  3. In the film you fast forwarded it just as the Forward Look ’58 Plymouths were arriving and so we didn’t get to see the Forward Look stars of the show Dodge,DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial,is this footage avaialable?thanks


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