Ex-Party Bosses Urge Status Quo in Senate Race

Two political sparring partners from the 1990s are back.     Ed Marcus and Chris DePino were regulars on the political talk show circuit in the days of Weicker, Rowland, Kennelly and Dodd, and this Sunday they will pick up where they left off.       Here they are appearing on CT-’96 with Duby McDowell; that’s what Face the State was called that year.   

Marcus was the chairman of the state Democratic party, and DePino was his Republican counterpart.    The two reunited in front of the television cameras for a taping of this Sunday’s Face the State.  The topic:  the  senate race, although we also talked about the presidential race and the 2014 race for governor.

Reporters and some voters weary of attack ads may not want to hear this, but both former party bosses feel Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon should continue their campaign strategies.     Marcus told me Murphy should continue to brand McMahon as “anti-woman,” and accuse her of trying to buy the seat.   DePino warned that Murphy’s strategy is dangerous, that attacking a woman for being anti-woman makes no sense.

DePino also believes McMahon should continue attacking Murphy for his attendance record, saying he should have gone to those hearings, and that the congressman should explain where he was.    Marcus responded that most members of congress send staff members to those hearings.  

You can watch the entire interview with Marcus and DePino this Sunday morning at 11 only on Face the State.

UPDATE:  Watch the segment right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7851339

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  1. What a great idea to bring back the two most powerful state chairmen in modern day Connecticut politics. State party politics has not been the same since. I can’t wait to watch this week’s show.


  2. Good luck with your show. Heading to Florida tomorrow, will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas,

    The Mulqueen’s


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