Murphy & McMahon Appear on Face the State


If the polls are accurate, then Sunday’s Face the State on WFSB was a preview of the November election to succeed Joe Lieberman in  the U.S. Senate.

Both Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon taped individual interviews for Sunday’s broadcast, in advance of Tuesday’s big primary.    Democrat Susan Bysiewicz and Republican Christopher Shays were on Face the State in the past few weeks.

Both Murphy and McMahon talked about their campaigns and took digs at each other.   Murphy was also asked about embattled House Speaker Chris Donovan and his campaign to replace Murphy in CT-5.    Despite a common belief that Murphy and Donovan supporters are one in the same,  the Meriden Democrat must not have liked what the congressman had to say.

Last week, Donovan’s campaign sent out a mailer implying Murphy supports his candidacy.    The mailer quotes Murphy saying “I do trust Chris Donovan, and I believe him.   But during our Face the State taping, Murphy stressed he has not endorsed Donovan, and seemed to back away from that quote.     “I hope he (Donovan) is telling the truth,” Murphy told me.    Sounded like a downgrading to me, a smart move by Murphy in the event Donovan is charged in the scandal.

McMahon talked about her campaign and addressed some of the same issues that dogged her in 2010, namely favorability.    We also talked about how her campaign is different than her last one.

You can watch the entire interviews right here:


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  1. A proven job creator versus a prolific job killer. Any thinking voter in Connecticut will see the truth. Senators can’t make jobs like magic, but a person with job creation experience will bring to Washington, DC the blueprint for others to follow, and lead them in the right direction.

    It’s all about America’s future. Vote for Linda McMahon and you will have a future. Vote for Chris Murphy and we’re all cooked!


  2. I think Chris Murphy will be the next Senator — I think back to his days representing Southington before moving to Cheshire, I have never watched from a distance a candidate with so much energy. Still remember a few bad weather days that was collecting for this charity or that on the Town Green or just standing talking to constituent at the local Stop & Shop that is the Senator I want… approachable gets the job done…Mrs. McMahon what have you done lately??


    • What – just standing around looking like he cares, and then he goes to Washington and votes like Pelosi’s drone 98% of the time – killing jobs and the economy on the process?

      Pretty meager standard of performance IMO.


  3. Linda McMahon finally allows an interview. Why she bothered is questionable. She has a plan….. Is that plan the one she paid 50,000+$ to a Washington lobbyist to create for her , the one after analysis doesn’t add up?How anyone can support this woman is beyond comprehension. Congressman Shays has detailed ideas and proposals that are well thought out and will work to get this country back on the right track. He has earned my respect and support and I urge everyone planning to vote Tuesday to think long and hard about the choice facing them.


  4. Murphy’s image is clearly on the decline as voters awaken to the fact that if he’s reelected, and if Obama gains a 2nd term, Murphy will simply continue supporting Obama’s disastrous policies that have needlessly exacerbated and prolonged the recession that started in 2008 as the nation began to angst over the prospects of an Obama presidency.

    While Murphy laughably professes bipartisanship, he’s actually one of Pelosi’s/Obama’s most reliable votes as he supports the party line 98% of the time. (He’d probably hit 100% were it not for the few times when Pelosi gave him a bye on ‘throwaway’ legislation that appealed to his more conservative constituents.) Ideologically and by scoring his votes, Murphy is most closely aligned with his Connecticut colleague Rosa DeLauro and South Carolina’s James Clyburn, and is only exceeded in his leftist leanings by Arizona’s Raul Grijalva. Bipartisan? Please. (Someone had better call Rosa to let her know her reputation is in danger of being conflated with that of former CT congressman Chris Shays.)

    Voters in CT-5 have grown more than weary of Obama’s failed policies and on the assumption that Murphy and McMahon both win their respective primary challenges tomorrow, it is anything but a foregone conclusion that Mr. Murphy will prevail in November.

    The tide is turning, and Murphy knows it.


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