Make Sure to Carry Cash to Sonic

We finally checked out the drive in fast-food chain that came to Connecticut last year with great fanfare.    Kara and I took out the old Buick Electra for a spin and brought the kids to Sonic.

The kids loved it, especially the carhops who bring your food to your car while wearing roller blades.   It’s cheap, and the food is pretty good and the service is ridiculously quick.   

Make sure you bring cash.  For some strange reason, you can pay with a debit/credit card, but can’t tip with one.    In this increasingly cashless society we live in, our waiter-on-wheels told us that means quite often the carhop gets stiffed.   I’m not sure why Sonic has this policy.   I was a waiter in the 1980s in college and we got tips on cards back  then.  I rarely carry cash, but fortunately did have some on me to leave our carhop a generous tip for the great service.

By the way, my daughter thought going someplace where we would eat in the car was such a big deal, she insisted on wearing a tiara.

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  1. Dennis, I suspect Sonic has this policy because they don’t want their wait staff to have to report the tip income and ultimately get taxed on all of it. I guess they did a cost-benefit analysis and discovered the wait staff came out on top with this policy even if they get stiffed by the occasional diner who doesn’t have any cash.


  2. Yeah this is a problem. My father-in-law went to the one in South Windsor which I suspect is the same one you went to and he had a similar complaint. If you can pay with a credit card, you should be able to tip with a credit card, but that’s just me. There are just a few Sonics in New England but they are all over the place in Memphis, and I’m going there next week. I don’t ever recall this being a problem there but I’ll go and check it out and report back to see if it’s a franchise-wide policy.


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