Hartford Whalers

Mets Slugger Showing Whalers Love

Does New York Mets outfielder Jason Bay harbor some secret love for Connecticut’s beloved and lost major league sports team?     Bay was photographed wearing a vintage Hartford Whalers shirt during this week’s trip to Toronto, and the Mets promptly tweeted it to the world.   Other Mets players are reportedly wearing various hockey jerseys while traveling.   Thanks to Channel 3’s Eric Parker for bringing this to my attention.

Bay is the second New York baseball guy caught proudly wearing the Whale.    Yankees GM Brian Cashman was photographed in Stamford wearing a Whalers shirt.   Read about that here:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/yankees-gm-a-hartford-whalers-fan/

Maybe the Mets could move their Triple A team to Hartford?

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