Why WFSB Didn’t Report Firing of Cable Anchor

I was asked by a viewer why we didn’t report the firing of Keith Olbermann at Current TV.     After all, she said,  it was all over the “twitterverse.”   That it was.

Olbermann’s departure from the lightly watched cable network just wasn’t newsworthy to our viewers.    According to our research folks here at WFSB, the number of people watching Olbermann’s “Countdown” show on Current was so small in the Hartford/New Haven market it didn’t even register in the Nielsen ratings.     We call ratings that bad, “hash marks.”   

 We figured because so few people were  watching Olbermann, why would our viewers care about the latest chapter in his career?   We wouldn’t use time on Eyewitness News to report the cancellation of “Clifford, the big red dog,” or tell you if  “My name is Earl,” was no longer being syndicated, and those two programs attracted far more viewers in Connecticut than “Countdown.”

Media journalists reported Olbermann’s firing, as they should have.      Funny thing is, two of the best of these reporters, Brian Stelter of the New York Times, and Howard Kurtz of CNN, have more twitter followers than Olbermann had viewers.

Personally, I expected Olbermann to get more viewers in our very blue state than he did.     After all, he used to live here and I and others tend to root for former Nutmeggers when they move on.   Then again, Olbermann never had good things to say about Connecticut after he left.

also read:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/morning-joe-on-face-the-state/

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  1. Dennis, the typos aside, this is a bit simple-minded, isn’t it? To say your researchers say there aren’t any viewers in the market is an easy way for a TV anchor wrapped up in his own little world to justify missing a good story. Keith Olbermann has been a polarizing figure for several years now. There are people both left and right who are interested in the fact that he got fired, whether his show was widely watched or not. Apparently Dave Letterman thought Olbermann was big enough to bring him on his show to discuss his firing. Not to mention, Olbermann spent a huge portion of his career right here in Connecticut at ESPN. This blog post should have been a realization that you missed a story, and owned up to it. Instead, you decided to be defensive and come up with excuses that don’t really make sense. Don’t you feel a little foolish? Moreso for the picture at the top of this page than anything?


  2. I will be watching channel 8 from now on. Shame on you WFSB for firing Dennis house. I hope he got a big severance check. He deserves it You will be sorry


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