Face the State Flashback: Obama Campaigns in Hartford

What a dreary political season this has been in our state.    Connecticut has played absolutely no role in the presidential campaign so far, except for an occasional clandestine fundraiser on the Gold Coast.   There have been debates, tens of millions of dollars spent, caucuses, primaries, and Constitution Staters have had sit back and watch it all on television.      We have another six weeks before our primary rolls around on April 24th.    

It wasn’t always that way.     In our Face the State Flashback this Sunday, we will go back to the last presidential primary in our state, held on February 5, 2008.     Candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton made brief appearances in our state, but it was a visit by Barack Obama that attracted the most attention.    The then Illinois senator made a visit to the Hartford on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries.   He was accompanied at the XL Center by Senator Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy, and the event had a concert atmosphere to it.   

This Sunday, our report from the archives is from Kara Sundlun, who was there as people sprinted down Trumbull Street to see the man who would be elected president.     

By the way, in an earlier segment on this Sunday’s Face the State, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill talks about making our state more relevant in the process.

Tune in this Sunday at 11, only on Channel 3.

UPDATE:  you can watch the flashback right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6826105

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  1. Unless Connecticut votes in true fiscal conservatives it will remain an irrelevant bankrupt socialist state that destroyed it’s own private sector. Why doesn’t Face the State add a weekly segment called, Face the Tea-party? There are plenty of true brilliant conservatives (like the late great John B. O’Connell) who would happily serve as great guests.


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