Governor Seeks Protective Order Against Senate Candidate

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is filing a protective order against  fellow Democrat, and candidate for the U.S. Senate Lee Whitnum.   Court records show the motion will be filed later today.  Whitnum filed a slander suit against Malloy in 2010, alleging he referred to her as anti-semite.

It is unclear why Governor Malloy is seeking the order.  Eyewitness News asked two aides to Malloy about the protective order, and both said they would get back to us.  In the past, Malloy’s staff has refused to discuss any matters regarding the governor’s security or threats made against him.  

During an appearance on Face the State ten days ago, Whitnum discussed the lawsuit, and allegations that she is an anti-semite.   The Greenwich attorney has made opposing AIPAC and the Israel lobby a key part of her campaign.  After the Face the State interview, the Anti-Defamation League of Connecticut had this to say:

“In our opinion, Ms. Whitnum invoked anti-Semitic canards, including allegations of  Jewish control and accusations of dual loyalty. ”   CT ADL  

Whitnum also sought the Democratic nomination for the senate in 2010, and the nomination for the 4th congressional district in 2008.   She is also known for being the one time girlfriend of 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, Senator from Massachusetts.     

Lately, Whitnum’s lawsuits have kept her in the news.   She sued the Town of Greenwich for allowing a bar mitzvah on town property, the Norwich Bulletin for excluding her from a debate, and the liberal blog, My Left Nutmeg.

You can watch the interview with Lee Whitnum right here: 


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  1. Dennis – The governor doesn’t need a reason. A significant body of law protects elected officials like the governor from having to submit to discovery during and after their time in office. Whitnum needs compelling reasons to force the governor to submit to the deposition, and I’d like to see her filings to determine if they are compelling. Remember that I could only get a federal judge to allow me to give pre-written questions to a post-office Gov. Rell. It is not easy to do.


  2. Unfortunately Whitman has cornered herself into becoming a one-issue candidate, and it is the one issue no one really wants to talk about. She only gets press coverage for the one issue, and it is rarely (if ever) positive.


  3. One would have thought that a Harvard educated woman like Lee Whitnum would have a Pavlovian response to the factors that led to her abject failure in two previous elections. Her actions make her seem oblivious to the fact that her negative gig isn’t working. Hardly inspiring for someone whose job, if elected, it would be must build a consensus in Washington.As a registered voter, I do not believe that Lee Whitnum possesses the qualities that I want to be the face of the State of Connecticut in Washington.


  4. Hey, She can always count on the Muslim vote……..However, the majority of us here are thankfully pro-Israel. Maybe she is angling for a post in the Obama Administration??


  5. Whitnumb vehemently denies being an anti-Semite, but a quick trip to her campaign website belies the truth: She adopts every vicious canard of the arab propaganda machine to vilify Israel. She claims she is only raising an issue of foreign policy and the costs to the American taxpayer, but she has made no other country such a target as Israel. Her particular claim is that we should not be aiding a racist country, ignoring the nazi race and religious ideology which is the basis for the Palestinian movement. It doesn’t call for discrimination against the Jews: It call for them to be exterminated indiscriminately.


  6. I see your mimicking the ADL soundbite “canard”, but Whitnum (no b – as in your childish name calling ; – or can’t you read or write?) Whitnum – has said AIPAC has disporportional influence in Washington (True), that modern neo-Zionism does Not represent all or even the majority of Jews (True); that Israel is taking the wrong approach in Palestine (even the UN agrees with that. Whitnum is right and is not anti Jewish.


    • Sally, I think you are as delusional as your anti-Semite hero “Nimwit Whitnum” is. Most of the countries in the UN are anti-Israel, so what are you talking about? Who cares what the stupid, corrupt UN thinks? Childish name calling you say?? Did you hear Whitnum call Chris Murphy a “Whore for Israel” on public TV?? Neo-Zionism?? where do you even come up with these stupid made-up terms? Hamas and the PA both have the stated goal of destroying Israel. Logic of survival dictates that you must destroy your enemies before they destroy you!!(True).


  7. Palestine was a region that was origionally named “Palestina” by the Romans after they massacred the Jews in Israel. That land you call “Palestine” is not, and was never a country. The “Palestinians” are a made-up people. They were Arabs who happened to live in that region. That land in question is the ancient ancestral Hebrew homeland of Israel! Israel isn’t going anywhere, SO DEAL WITH IT!


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