What the Hack? New Taxis in Hartford

I’m usually pretty good at identifying the make and model of a car, but when I saw this the other day, I was stumped.   I actually had to drive next to it, to get a closer look at this unfamiliar taxi.  

Turns out it is a MV-1, billed as the world’s first wheelchair accessible mobility vehicle.

Here’s some more info on it:  http://www.vpgautos.com/

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  1. Here is info on the much heralded MV-1 wheelchair vans.. ugly BUT…

    This comes from New Mobility magazine.. http://www.newmobility.com/articleView.cfm?id=12061

    Interesting and the cost has even dropped.. more palatable.

    This isn’t true news they have been expected to land for a while now.

    Thanks for letting us know the progress – lets hope they are not at a premium for cost to riders – we need all the help we can on fixed incomes.

    John M West


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