Face the State Flashback: the Jai Alai Scandal of the late ’70s

It was a big news week 35 years ago this January.   While the collapse of the Hartford Civic Center on January 18, 1978 was grabbing the headlines, a  scandal  brewing in the world of Jai Alai was also dominating the evening news that week.   Jai Alai is a sport played with a long, curved wicker basket worn on a player’s wrist.   It was a big deal in Connecticut until the casinos came along in the 1990s and put the industry out of business, at least in our state.

Spectactors could bet on the players and in 1976 a whiff of scandal came to light.   Some players were accused of being paid to lose.  The state launched an investigation into these allegations and on Sunday, January 19th, 2012, in our Face the State flashback, we broadcast some vintage video of Al Terzi reporting on it. 

Here are some shots of Al staking out the key witness in the case  in a snow covered parking lot of AMC Gremlins and Ford Pintos.

By the way, that orange and yellow 3 logo is about cool as the harvest gold telephone my parents had in our kitchen.  UPDATE:  Here is the link to the segment http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6658698

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  1. Dennis, that was the first logo 3 used after switching from WTIC-TV to WFSB in 1974.

    That said, Dennis, you and Denise, Bruce make one of CT’s best TV news teams. Mad to see the dean of CT TV Anchors leave. I remember watching him on 8 in the 80’s between spats of cable. So when I got cable again, WFSB came in and there Al was. Meredith is making a big mistake and I hope he turns up somewhere else on the dial.


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