Yankees Boss Shows Hartford Whalers Love

When New York Yankees General Manager rappelled down the Landmark Tower in Stamford to help ring in the holiday season at the city’s “Heights and Lights” celebration, he revealed his team colors half way down the skyscraper.    Courtesy to the Stamford Advocate for these great shots.

What the Darien resident didn’t show was some other team colors under that Yankees jacket:  a Hartford Whalers shirt.

This picture was snapped by Megan Schinella, a longtime Whalers fan.  Megan and her husband were leaving Butterfield 8 after watching the Giants game when she ran into Cashman on the street after his high rise holiday hijinks.  Like any good loyalist of Hartford’s long defunct but beloved hockey team, Megan’s eyes immediately noticed Cashman’s t-shirt, sporting the best logo in NHL history.   

By the way, Megan is raising her daughter Ava to be a Whalers fan, and is hoping by the time she is old enough to skate, the restoration of an NHL team to our state’s capital will be completed.

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