Face the State Flashback: LBJ Campaigns in Hartford in 1960

Here’s a thought:  the youngest person to vote for John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson in 1960 is now 72 years old.  My parents weren’t even old enough to vote.

In our Face the State flashback this Sunday, we take you back to an event few of our viewers will remember.    It was September 9, 1960, and then vice-presidential candidate Johnson came to downtown Hartford to campaign for the Kennedy/Johnson ticket, and Connecticut Democrats.

I found this old film in the Channel 3 archives that dates back to when WFSB’s call letters were WTIC.    The film shows a motorcade that passes near the G. Fox department store, and has clips of Johnson talking to reporters and the crowd at the now-demolished Statler Hilton Hotel across from the State Capitol.

Johnson’s remarks made headlines.  He talked about religion because Kennedy’s catholicism was a campaign issue.   You’ll see in the film that then Governor Abe Ribicoff seems a bit uncomfortable when Johnson brought up the subject.

You can watch the Flashback this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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