Roraback Takes Aim at House Speaker Donovan

State Senator Andrew Roraback is a few months behind in the fundraising game, but the newest entrant in the race for the 5th congressional district is confident he can catch up.    The Goshen Republican is the ninth candidate to jump into the race, the biggest field we’ve seen in generations, if ever.  There are five Republicans and four Democrats vying for the seat currently held by Congressman Chris Murphy.

During a taping of Face the State, Roraback talked about his strategy in this sprawling, oddly shaped district.

Looking at the 5th district, one might wander why Meriden is in it, and not part of the 3rd.   Those who drew that district will tell you it is based on a variety of factors, including population and demographics.    Meriden is home to House Speaker Christopher Donovan, who is seeking the nomination for Democrats in the 5th.   Donovan is also on the committee that will re-draw the congressional districts as part of the 2010 census.   What would his reaction be if someone suggested Meriden be part of another, more geographically sensible district?

The Hartford Courant, the state’s largest newspaper, recently ran an editorial calling on Speaker Donovan to recuse himself from the process, citing an obvious conflict of an interest.    Republican Mark Greenberg has made the same call, and while there has been  private grumbling by some Democrats, no one in Donovan’s party has dared complain publicly.     I asked Roraback about it, and he raised concerns, too.

Roraback’s biggest issue with Donovan is the Speaker’s close relationship with public sector employees and unions.   You can watch what Roraback had to say, this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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  1. Justin Bernier is a pretty smart guy, and probably was the lead in terms of vigor and tenacity for the Republican Primary race. But honestly, if there is any good (good in terms of CT Republican standards, i.e. moderate), solid Republican who could win and fight a sound race for the 5th, it’d be Roraback.


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