Special Hurricane Edition of Face the State Planned for Sunday

The impending arrival of Hurricane Irene has forced to us to scrap our scheduled edition of Face the State for this Sunday.     Instead, we will broadcast a live edition of Connecticut’s most watched political program, devoted to coverage of the storm.    We will have our team of meteorologists to bring you instant information about the biggest storm our state has seen in a generation, we will have live reports from our crews in the field, live pictures from our “city cams,” and Governor Malloy will join us live as well.   We may have other guests as well.

What about the show we taped Thursday?   That can be seen on CTN at 9PM, and on  wfsb.com on Monday.    We can’t hold it until next week, because Face the State will not be seen thanks to our annual pre-emption for U.S. Open tennis.   

Our guests for the show seen on CTN are the new chairman of the Connecticut Republican party chairman, Jerry Labriola, Jr.;  State Representatives Rob Sampson and Tony Guerrera debating the busway, and City of Hartford COO David Panagore about the improving business climate in your capital city.

See you Sunday morning at 11AM for a special edition of Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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