Wilson-Foley Talks Victory in the 5th

It’s been more than a decade since Connecticut has had an open congressional seat (1998 when Barbara Kennelly vacated her 1st district seat to run for governor) so it is no wonder the list of candidates with Washington aspirations is long and growing.     Congressman Chris Murphy is passing on a 5th district re-election battle to try for a senate upgrade, and at last count there were five candidates officially in the race to succeed him, but that number could double.  

This week on Face the State, we’ll talk with one of the candidates, Republican Lisa Wilson-Foley.   Wilson-Foley is the entrepreneur from Simsbury who became a familiar face to voters last year when she ran for lieutenant governor.  She ended up losing in the primary to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, but the race was closer than many thought it would be, and this political novice impressed many people during her run.

Wilson-Foley’s loss to Boughton may be due in part to the fact she ran solo.    Mike Fedele had picked Boughton, but Tom Foley decided not to have a running mate, and let the voters decide.    The talk was Foley didn’t pick Wilson-Foley, whom he likes and has tremendous respect for, for one reason:  his ex-wife’s name is Lisa Foley.    Might have been somewhat awkward.   After the election, a republican operative told me he believed  Tom Foley might be governor now if he had picked Wilson-Foley, because for 16 years Republicans had either a female governor or lt. governor, and an all male ticket may have hurt the party. 

During our taping I asked Wilson-Foley why she thinks a Republican can win the seat, when they couldn’t last year in what was supposed to be a GOP year.   We also talked about health care,  taxes, and what she learned from her 2010 loss.

Wilson-Foley is also known as the spokesperson for her husband’s healthcare company, Apple Rehab.  She also owns Blue Fox Run golf course in Avon, and the Newport Blues Cafe and Inn in Newport, Rhode Island.   

We’ll be having the other candidates in the 5th on Face the State in the coming weeks.

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM for Face the State.

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  1. Lisa Wilson Foley is a very viable candidate for Congresswoman of the 5th District. Her leadership and entrepreneurial skills are bright spots in today’s political landscape. Lisa is a welcome change to the same ol’ same ol’ ways of doing business.


  2. Dear Lisa:

    Forgive my cynicism, but I am compelled to comment on the Simsbury News article of April 20 and your website regarding your positions. On the surface, I agree with all your positions, and I would vote for you, but if you are elected, can I depend upon you to maintain your positions regardless of the Congressional atmosphere into which you are thrust? History has shown that politicians, in general, are not to be trusted (personal opinion). You pander to an electorate for votes, and then do not faithfully represent the view which in fact gained you votes to be elected. Also, your stated positions do not include a position relative to illegals, illegal immigration, amnesty, and associated drain on our economy. Bridgeport and Hartford are declared “sanctuary” cities. Assuming you are successful in your quest, what of substance are you committing to follow through on your stated positions. I understand that you alone will not be able to deliver the position stated, but will you compromise those positions with a shrug of you shoulders for your own convenience?

    Also, your stated positions do not include any commitments regarding energy. Alternative energy is NOT the answer. We need to drill for our own oil, we need to develop our own gas fields, we need to develop nuclear (notwithstanding the Japan debacle), and we need to accept coal as energy sources. Yes, alternative wind and solar are important, BUT they fall far short of displacing fossil and nuclear power generation. I have been in the power industry for 50+ years and feel I have an understanding of many of the problems which the media never discusses when promoting wind and solar. The “GREENS” dominate the media soundbites and promote their erroneous positions as truth. Enough said.

    I will be interested in following your campaign, and as I have stated, wish you success based upon you stated positions.

    Yours truly,
    Mike Delin


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