New DCF Commissioner: “90,000 tips of Child Abuse a Year”

This week on Eyewitness News we brought you a story that made many of you angry and brought a tear to many an eye.  A pregnant mother accused of beating her baby so badly, the girl may never walk or talk or see.   

The person who is in charge of watching over Connecticut’s endangered children is one of our guests this Sunday on Face the State:  Department of Children and Families commissioner Joette Katz.   The former state supreme court justice  will talk about her goals for a department that receives 90, 000 tips of child abuse and neglect every year and is often criticized when news breaks of a child in danger.

I also ask her a question many of you have asked:  what can be done about people who are just bad parents?

Tune in this Sunday at 11 AM.

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  1. My questions for the new commissioner would be about the statistics on the tips they receive, child(ren)s ages, where the tips come from, type of family structure the child is currently in and if most of these tips are from active cases “in the family court system”.
    I really believe DCF and the court system can eliminate a lot of misused valuable time and energy by appointing GAL’s or volunteer mentors/mediators for the children up front when a complaint is founded or when someone files for separation or divorce and for the teen or young unwed mothers without a private support system at home.
    So many and often cases are battles between parents that turn into abuse and/or neglect of the children.
    The court system doesn’t have the time to know the cases in intimate detail. DCF often ends up in the middle of the court and the parents and has to interpert the 10 minute sessions/decisions made for best behavior parents who are in front of a judge and how it will affect the children. Often its not on target or in the best interest of the children.
    Our new commissioner has her hands full. It is clear that the system needs to change and if it is changed putting the efforts up front truly in the best interest of the children, then all the other agencies in the system that have been added over the years for the abused and neglected children will become obsolete and maybe, just maybe these abusive parents will think twice before they do what they do.


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