McEnroe Bests Malloy for Hartford Magazine Cover Bragging Rights

This month’s Hartford Magazine is out featuring the incomparable Colin McEnroe of WNPR  on the cover.     Colin must be pretty powerful:  he beat out Governor Malloy in the battle of who would be February cover boy. 

All kidding aside, this issue features a rather lengthy article by yours truly about new Governor Dannel Malloy.  We looked for a new angle with the Governor and focused on his plans for Hartford and its ‘burbs. 

I’ve interviewed Malloy many times over the past five years, but this interview was different.   It was for print, so I had to take notes!   When you are sitting on a set, it is all recorded…no notes needed.  This magazine article was also one of the longest things I’d ever written, and thanks to Hartford Magazine editor Carol Latter for her patience and guidance.   For television, some of the stories I write are 15 seconds long! 

Here’s the article:   http://www.hartfordmag.com/html/stories/Gov_0211.html

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  1. The Governor at this junture seems an easy interview you must have had fun..

    The writing thought brings memories. I have written for both newspaper and magazine length articles over the years, and also for radio sports. You don’t realize the length until you are done.

    Have fun..



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