Elusive Killer Adam Zachs Used Alias of “Ruben Fridman”

Eyewitness News learned late yesterday that convicted killer Adam Zachs was about to captured in Mexico, after being on the run for nearly 22 years.     We couldn’t report until today.   One of “America’s Most Wanted,”  Zachs is now in custody.

Zachs, who is now 47, was found guilty of shooting and killing Peter Carone at a bar in West Hartford back in 1987.   Immediately after his conviction in March of 1989, Zachs skipped town, and bail put up by his aunt.    How did that happen?  Back then Connecticut law allowed for convicted murderers to be free until their sentence began. 

The victim’s mother, Addie Carone shared her pain and grief with me in an interview back in 1997.   She testified before state lawmakers urging them to change the law.  She got it done, and one of the high profile convicted killers impacted by the new law, and Mrs. Carone’s testimony, was Michael Skakel.

It’s long been suspected Zachs was being helped by his wealthy family.   We’ll no doubt learn more about his time on the run, and how he financed it.

Here’s a first picture from Mexico of Zachs, who was living in the city of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico.  A source close to the investigation told me Zachs was using the name Ruben Fridman and had a wife and children.  It is unclear if Zachs’ Mexican  family knew about his American past. 

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